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How big can be upholstered wall panel?

Panels are separate and install separately and so they can be any size. The only one limit is the size of upholstery which width usually can't be more than 4'6''.

How easy is it to install?

There are several options on installation. Some of them require professional installation and some can be installed by a customer. It depends on the wall type, panel type and propose of upholstered wall. For more information please contact our sales person.

Can I order a bed frame to the wall panel?

Yes, of course. We have several types of bed frames. All of them are independant of the wall panels. Bed frame can be upholstered with the same fabric like wall panel or any other upholstery on your choice.

Who will install the wall panel?

We recommend to have our specialist for installation. The cost of installation will be calculated depending on your location. If you desire to install the furniture by your own - we'll provide detailed instruction.

Can I customize the height or width of bed?

Yes. We have standart models of beds, but if it doesn't fit your space you can bring any adjustments in. It will cause a price increase 10-30%.

Can I provide my own material?

Yes, just send it to our manufacturing in Philadelphia.

Can I order headboard from you?

Yes. Just provide the picture of headboard you want and we will manufacture the same for you. Size, color and thickness will be customized by your requirements.

I can't find the bed I am looking for on your site.

We can produce any style bed personaly for you. Just send us a picture of desired bed and it;s size and we'll be back with our proposal.

Can I buy wooden beds from you?

We have production of wooden beds on our manufactury in Russia, the launch of wooden beds production in U.S. is scheduled for 2021 year. Currently wooden beds are not available for order in U.S.

Do you make custome size?

Yes, any piece can be ordered in any dimensions.

What is your warranty?

Our products are guaranteed for 1 year.

How to cleam my upholstered headboard and bed?

Most upholstery materials are very durable and clean very easily with warm slightly soapy water. Leather cleaner products are recommended for leathers.

How does shipping work?

It depends on the destination point, we work with several delivery companies. All the details you will get from our sales person who will propose you an individual decision.

Can I return my order?

You can return your order if it's not matching to the descriptiion approved by customer.

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