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About us

Walls Studio is an international manufacturing company with factories in The US and Russia. Our company specializes in custom beds and wall upholstery manufacturing. Over the last 3 years WS has completed over 600 projects of made-to-order furniture. Our mission is to make the most of customer’s time, accomplish any idea, provide the best quality and excellent service with the best price.

Our advantages

Only certified materials
Huge varieties - different textures and styles
Produced in the US
Over 600 projects completed and customers satisfied!
Walls Studio. Custom upholstered furniture.

Our team

We do not choose people only for their business qualities. First of all, our team consists of people who are close in spirit to us, are also inspired by the idea of our common cause, have an active lifestyle and a desire for development in this area. All of them are professionals with extensive experience.

If you want to work in a friendly team, as well as actively engage in the development of our common cause, then we will be glad to see you in our team! Send your CV to

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