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How large the headboard can be?

Panels come in parts and are fixed to the wall like a puzzle, one by one. Therefore we can make almost any size required.

How easy is it to install?

It depends on the design. Rectangle/chevron panels can be installed with the help of any handy man or contractor. When it comes to panels with metal inlays- it is getting more complicated. We do not recommend installing those designs with unexperienced person.

Can I order a matching bed for the wall panel?

Yes, of course. You can order bed platform, bed frame or split beds from us.

Do you come to install the panels?

Yes, we come for measurements at first and then for installation. These services are provided in NY, NJ, CT and some zip codes of DE and PA.

Can I customize the bed's height?

Yes. we also can build a bed for custom mattress size. In some cases it doesn affect the price, in some cases it may increase the price up to 30%.

Can I provide my own material?

Yes, we work in COM as well. Once the order is placed send the fabric to our factory at: Walls Studio Manufacturing Corp 300 East Godfrey ave, unit 103, Philadelphia, PA, 19120.

Can you replicate the design if I send you a picture?

Yes, we can build almost any custom headboard/wall panel. Please send you request at: info@ws-usa.com

How long is your warranty?

We provide 1 year warranty.

How to clean the wall panels?

Wall panels can be cleaned as a regular upholstery furniture. You can simply vacuum clean it. In case of stains we recommend to wipe the panels with a damp cloth.

Do you ship to the other states?

Yes, we do. But some designs can not be shiped due to very complex installation.

Can I return my order?

The order can be returned only if it doesn't meet the Scope of Work requirements. Otherwise we do not accept returns.

What if the furniture will be damaged during the transportation?

If the furmiture will be damaged during the transportation Walls Studio takes the responsibility to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible with no additional expense for the Buyer.

What if wall panels will be the wrong size?

If Walls Studio's employee took the measurements- it is our responsibility to fix the issue at earliest. If the measurements were provided by the buyer - we can fix the issue with the minimum possible extra charge.
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please send us a letter to info@ws-usa.com